Rules and Regulations

Post Evaluation Programme

1. Provision for improvement

A student who passes a paper in the first attempt can reappear for the same paper in the succeeding End-of-Semester examination only, for improving his/her marks. Re-appearance for improvement is allowed for theory and practical subjects of all semesters, except for the final semester subjects. Revised mark statement will be issued after withdrawing the previous one, if the marks obtained in improvement are higher than the marks awarded earlier. When there is no improvement, there shall not be any change in the original marks already awarded.
The improved marks shall be considered for classification but not for ranking.

2. Provision fo Re-totalling, Revaluation and obtaining photocopy of valued answer scripts

3. Restrictions to appear for the examinations

Candidates who fail in any of the papers in the UG and PG End-of-semester examinations shall complete the paper concerned within 5 years from the date of admission to the particular course. If they fail to do so, they shall re-register their names and take the examination in the texts/revised regulations/syllabus of the paper prescribed for the subsequent batch of candidates, in force at the time of their reappearance.  In the event of removal of that paper consequent to change of regulation and/or curriculum after 5-year period, the candidate shall have to take up an equivalent paper in the revised syllabus as suggested by the Chairman, Board of Studies concerned.